Would you like to place bets on motorsport and especially Formula 1?

Betting on motorsport is not easy because you have to take a whole range of factors into account. And the number of racers taking part in a rally or race can be very high. The motorsport betting range at bookmakers is also quite wide, which doesn’t make placing a bet any easier. Below we have put together some information about motorsport races that can help you place your informed bet on motorsport accurately. In this article we will primarily focus on Formula 1 rules.

The first motorsport race dates back to the 19th century

Motorsport has a long tradition. The ancient Romans already organized chariot races. And the first motorsport race, which is similar to today’s race, took place in the 19th century (1894). And in the 20th century, racing series emerged that are loved by millions of fans: IndyCar Series (1909), NASCAR (1948), Formula 1 (1950).

There Are Different Types Of Car Racing

Betting on motorsport

Formula 1, rally, IndyCar, DTM, Nurembergring, NASCAR… With so many spectacular car competitions, you can quickly feel lost. Basically, there are a few types of car racing that can be easily distinguished. These primarily include sports car racing (Gran Turismo, Le Mans Series) and formula racing (Formula 1, IndyCar Series). Autocross, rally and touring car racing are also included.

Even though Formula 1 is probably the most popular racing series, there are many other racing series that you can place bets on and watch. While Formula 1 and DTM dominate in Europe, NASCAR and Indy Car Series are more popular in the English market. However, German motorsport fans also like to follow them, and you can bet on them at almost every major German bookmaker. By the way, the Speedway racing series is very popular in Germany.

Vehicle Should Have Certain Parameters

When it comes to the Formula 1 racing series, the vehicles are highly standardized. The vehicle weight is 743 kilograms. There are also rules for, among other things, what kind of tires a vehicle must have and how many kilos the drive rod must weigh.

Every racing driver has a fixed starting number

If you take part in the Grand Prix for the first time, you will receive a fixed starting number that you should keep until the end of your career.

Motor racing and points

As part of the motor races, every racing driver receives points. If the racer manages to win the round, the racer gets one point. The racer with the highest number of points becomes the winner.

Maximum of four drivers per season

Betting on motorsport

The team may swap drivers a maximum of four times per season. Different driver exchange rules apply for qualification.

Strict speed limits apply

Did you know that there are strict speed limits for cars in the pit lane for Formula 1? If this is not adhered to, the racing driver will have to pay a fine.

As part of the Formula 1 championships, several races take place in different countries

If you have ever seen the Formula 1 racing calendar, you can confirm it: races take place in very different countries, so the Formula 1 geography is breathtaking. In 2023, Formula 1 entourage took place in Las Vegas, and Grand Prix were awarded in Monaco and Abu Dhabi.

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